NewWell WatchPhone
- World GSM mobile phone (850/900/1800/1900)
- Headset, USB power adapter, USB cable
- Pedometer (steps, calories, distance)
- Sport computer (GPS SPD, wrist heart rate)
- Speed dial
- SOS alarm (GPS location, call)
- Text messages
- Phonebook (500 numbers)
- Easy live data sharing (pedometer, sport)
- Size; 43*43*16,7mm, weight 80g
- Battery; Standby 3-4 days, Pedometer sending appr. 15h, Sport data sending with GPS appr. 4h.
- All automated data upload to cloud services

NewWell software services
- iOS, Windows, Android, web
- Possibility to create own public and private groups
- Easy live tracking
- Daily / weekly Body Charge
- Movescount (Suunto) training diary
- Team sport software for coaching (Mac, PC, Linux)
- All automated data download from cloud services


Is it really a mobile phone and how many numbers one can add to phonebook?
NewWell WatchPhone can be used as a normal mobile phone. With headphones the sound is very good and when speaking without those, it uses loudspeaker as smart phones (speak from 15-20cm distance).

How accurate the wrist heart rate measurement is?
Accuracy is well enough to get guidance to training, but it is not as accurate as heart rate belt or ECG. Accuracy is better when wrist doesn’t have much of dynamic movements (e.g. during cycling). Tighten the band carefully as user manual shows and start measurement. WatchPhone will calibrate the correct levels for few minutes and, thus, don’t worry of that period too much.

How does the instant start of exercise and SOS work?
You can turn on the training view by pressing three seconds the downright button. To set SOS numbers, press shortly the SOS button when you are in the clock view; you will see ”empty, empty” in the screen and you can add two numbers to these fields. After this, NewWell WatchPhone will call automatically to these numbers when you press SOS button for three seconds (if first one is not answering, it calls to second one). In addition, WatchPhone will send GPS coordinates as a text message to the number that is answering.

Pedometer function?
Pedometer is based on accelerometer that measures activity all the time and displays it as steps, calories and distances. Method is very accurate and user can calibrate it by adding his age, step distance, weight, and gender. Pedometer keeps four latest days in history to check. Body Charge is also updating all the time (2min intervals) in NewWell cloud services when sending mode is "on".

My touch screen is not working?
You need to get used to touch screen function; press it and move your finger calmly. You can also try using it by nail. If screen is freeze, try to restart your WatchPhone.

GPS functions in the sport view are not working?
GPS is working outdoors. When you begin your exercise it may take minutes to find GPS connection. It might help if you stay still to wait signal that is telling ”GPS connection found”.

Is NewWell WatchPhone SIM locked?
You can change your own SIM card in to NewWell. In this case remember to check and change APN settings.

Why I can’t see my training data in Movescount?
Remember to use same email address both for NewWell and Movescount registration. After you have stop your exercise (leave the sport view) it will take six minutes that data will be uploaded from NewWell cloud service to Movescount. At the first time accept ”NewWell RealTimeEvents” data in the Movescount and update the web page. Pedometer data is uploaded to movescount once / day.

How long does the battery last?
WatchPhone battery lasts 3-4 days by a single charging when it is on wrist and used randomly to check time and pedometer data. Calling, sending text messages and keeping the screen active will decrease the time how long it goes by a single charge. When using the sport view the GPS and HR functions are active as well as data sending to cloud services. You can track 3,5-5h exercise by a single charge. In pedometer live data sending mode it goes appr 15 hours. Please note: WatchPhone’s battery may not be full as you purchase it. It will also act as a mobile phone’s battery and lasts longer when it is charged more than once.

I can´t see IMEI code from the box?
Dial *#06# to call view and WatchPhone will display your IMEI code in the screen.




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